Overview of the Shinenyx AIM 101 Thermal/Night Vision Fusion Riflescope

Features and use of the Shinenyx AIM 101 Thermal/Night Vison Riflescope

Come night hunting with the Shinenyx AIM 101 Thermals /Night vision Fusion Riflescope


Dual-waveband Fusion Riflescope is an electronic device
used for observing targets, equipped with low-light/thermal imaging cameras.
The fused image can not only quickly find the target in an extremely low-light
environment, but also clearly see the details of the target and the surrounding
environment. The product has laser ranging function. It can be used to quickly
searching, locating, and confirming targets.

The product is light, compact, durable, and can meet the
requirements of high-strength impact vibration.

Image Sensor Resolution

1920*1200 Thermal 384*288

Objective Lens

F1.5+ 35mm


2.1 Inch,1600×1200


236mm×58.5mm×84mm(with eyepiece
cover,Turn off the fill light)